A better understanding for a better organisation of tasks.

Optagri helps agricultural organisations active in collection and storage to optimize their logistics processes by supplying specific and needed informations that are simply not available.

The consequence of specific information not being available is that crucial decisions are sometimes made in an arbitrary manner. OptAGRI provides objective information that will help collecting and storage organisations increase their sales, decrease their costs, improve their productivity and decrease their level of risks. Here are a few examples:

  • When to send which Combine Harvester to which field? Is the crop ready to be harvested?
  • How to organise the collection of crops? Does the collection and storage organisation need to go and collect the crop? How and when does the collection need to be done? Or should the farmer come and bring his crop to a collection center? Which option is the cheapest? Which option will use the less fuel?
  • Which new field should we exploit? What is the best option? How to make sure that if the decision is made to exploit a new field that it makes sense from a logistics point of view?

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